Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sean's back from camp (update)

Just a quick note to say yes, Sean had a great time at Camp TLC. He made a lot of new friends and did a lot of fun things, he says. So, even though he came home slightly sunburnt and with a fractured foot (fell in a hole playing soccer this morning), he's looking forward to next year.   :-)

An update to the update:  Turns out that Sean has a Jones fracture (a crack at the base and outside of the little toe, in the fifth metacarpal) which is considered to be one of the hardest foot fractures to heal. He has a big purple cast for the next four weeks, after which they will take it off for more x-rays. If it's healing well, another cast goes on for another four weeks. This can go on up to twelve weeks, and even then, they may have to put in a plate and screws. It all depends on how well it heals - or doesn't. Meanwhile, he has a knee scooter with which to start his freshman year of high school. He's going to be the coolest kid on campus. ;-)