Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wait... when did it get to be February? January is gone *already*?

One month down, 11 to go...

They say time flies when you're having fun (no idea who "they" are). Guess I've been having loads of fun. :D

So Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow yesterday, predicting six more weeks of winter-like weather. I have to say, he's probably right. After a month of above seasonal temps, we are now hitting a stretch of below normal temps. That means it will hit freezing every morning this week. Brrr!!! We're not used to that out here in the southwestern desert.

We are now awaiting the appearance of Mojave Max. For those who don't know, Max is a tortoise. He "lives in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV.  Every fall the hot Las Vegas weather cools off, and Max goes into his burrow to begin brumation.

When will he emerge?
That is the question all of our contestants need to answer. "

Yep. There's a contest and everything. Take a stab at it if you like. I recommend looking up his previous appearances though (anywhere from mid February to mid April)  if you need a hint or two. I know I do, and I live here. :D There's a link to a .pdf on the contest page.

Moving right along...

Anyone been following "The Following"? I'm still writing reviews/recaps for on Wordpress. Take a peak if you would. Constructive criticism always welcome. :-)

And in other news...

One of the gifts I got for Christmas is the "Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook" (thanks mom!). It has some really good recipes that I've been trying. Here's a couple of pics:


I've also tried Irish Soda Bread (yum!) and Mashed Parsnips (YUCK!). The pork roast came out well, but the breaded pork chops I need to try again. And Cornish Pasties are the cat's meow! :D

Last, but not least, a friend asked for pictures of our Christmas tree because it is Star Trek/Star Wars themed with Hallmark ornaments, so here ya' go!

Capt. Janeway of the USS Voyager
Capt. Picard of the USS Enterprise D
Cdr. Data of the USS Enterprise D
Cdr. Riker of the USS Enterprise D
Shuttlecraft Delta Flyer
Dr. McCoy of the USS Enterprise
Commemorative Stamp
USS Enterprise
Romulan Warbird
Shuttlecraft Galileo
Darth Maul from Star Wars Ep. 1
Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars Ep. IV
Gungan ship from Star Wars Ep. 3
Storm Trooper from Star Wars
Guarded entrance to Dumbledore's office, with Harry Potter
Harry Potter with wand and invisibility cloak
Harry Potter Quidditch match
Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story
Woody from Toy Story
Our Christmas tree
My 6' 2" son next to the tree
Our fireplace (yes, it's real - no it's not really that white :D )