Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy birthday!

So my younger son, the 13-weeks early preemie who weighed 2-1/4 lbs, is now14 years old.

You'd never know he was so tiny to look at him now - 6' 1", 247 lbs, middle of 8th grade with high school approaching fast.

When did I get so old?  :D

Sean and his friends from school
You can see just how much taller he is than his classmates. No, he isn't interested in playing basketball. He's not a physical kind of guy, he says. Instead he'd like to build computers and write computer programs, especially in Java (he's a big fan of Minecraft, and he says that is written in Java - what do I know). He'd also like to work for Apple or Microsoft, creating computer games. How's that for a goal? :-)

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