Saturday, May 17, 2014

Playing catch-up

Here we are in the middle of May already. The weather here in Vegas is heating up, and the spring winds are a blowin'. This is a common occurrence every Spring, so much so that the local weather people have coined a phrase for it: The Blow-Dryer Effect. Walking outside in 90+ degree heat with 30+ mph winds is about as fun as it sounds. :P

Meanwhile, here's a few pics from things we've done recently, just to get y'all caught up. :-)
During Spring Break, Sean and I took a trip into Los Angeles, CA. This is the store front on Wilshire Blvd. of Whimsic Alley, a Harry Potter themed shop. They also have collectibles from Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, and even Steampunk-type costumes. There's a book shop, a candy store, a wand shop, a collectibles shop, and a school uniform shop (amongst other things). Definitely worth the trip!

Inside, Sean points to the doors at the entrance of the Great Hall. The Great Hall was closed and is only opened to those who book a party in there. We took a quick peak between the main doors. It is quite impressive.  
They also have some very interesting signs to keep folks out of the back rooms (across from the restrooms):

If you value your life.
(I wonder if they have the Hungarian Horntail back there...)

Don't even think about entering
(Would that be in the Forbidden Forest, or at the bottom of the Black Lake?)

(Can't you just imagine Prof. Snape behind that door?)

 This is (a replica of) the phone booth Mr. Weasley used to take Harry into the Ministry of Magic for his hearing before the Wizengamot. (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)


More recently, Bob took a picture of Robby, me &  Sean outside one of our favorite restaurants - Claim Jumper. Mother's Day 2014

Just for fun, I took a close-up of Coco - doesn't he look sweet?
Here's Bella enjoying a sunbeam on the front stairs.
I need to get new pictures of Tigger and Luna, too.
Oh, and here's the latest pic of Homer:
He likes to redecorate his tank by knocking things over and digging out spaces under them.
Yep, we have a bit of a zoo here, but I love it. <grin>
For my birthday, Bob got me a 6mo renewal of my subscription, so you know where I'll be for the next several months (clicking on leaves!).
If I don't post again sooner, I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer. Stay cool! Don't forget the sunscreen, don't leave kids or pets in the car, and stay hydrated, alright?

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