Friday, September 7, 2012

Twenty years, and counting...

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 marked Bob and my 20th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we took a cruise - well, ok, it was just an 1-1/2 on Lake Mead, but it was nice all the same. ;-)

An island in Lake Mead. The white band is calcium left behind by the water. You can see how much the water level has dropped over the years.

A cliff face showing the same white band.
The calcium can be seen encompassing the entire lake.

Hoover Dam from the "other" side.
Fairly dramatic representation of the water level.
Yet another picture of the calcium deposit. It amazed me to see the extent of the white band both in height and in how far around the lake it ran.
Close-up of the Desert Princess

Just as we returned a storm began to approach the lake.

More storm clouds over Lake Mead.
We got in just in time. It started to rain as we were disembarking. Thunder, lightning, wind... we got the works.
Just for ducks, here's the pic they took of us before we got on the boat. They take pictures of everyone who will pose, and then when you get back they have little packets to sell to you (an 8 x 10 of the picture and a 3 x 5 magnet of the picture). We were one of the lucky folks who got ours for free. Yay for free!