Monday, August 13, 2012

Mr. Bob's Charity Auction versus Vegas Weather

Last night was the 6th Annual Robert Picardo Charity Auction to support the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. What an interesting time we had!

First, let me say that Mr. Picardo is a lovely person. He's a gentleman with a great sense of humor and loads of patience with his fans. I'd also like to note that his daughter, who accompanied him, was great fun too.

The auction historically follows the end of the CreationCon here in Las Vegas. This year, Creation held it's convention at the Rio, so the auction was held across the street at "Tommy Rockers."

Now don't get me wrong - the staff were wonderful people who did all they could to keep everyone happy and comfortable. It's not their fault that the power went out on that whole block (or more? I don't really know how much area was involved, but it was big).

Yes, the power went out. It so rarely rains here in Vegas, and tonight it really poured for a short time. It rained so hard, in fact that their roof began to leak in three different spots.

So there we all were sitting in the dark. Did Mr. Bob call it a night? Of course not! He went on with the show using flashlights and candles. We even had performances from the "Alien Comedian" as well as Jungle Josh, a magician (although Jungle Josh didn't come on until after the lights came back on).

Trek Radio also came and did a live podcast of the event. Lucky for us, their equipment continued to work, so the folks listening still knew what was going on too.

This black out lasted for, well, I don't know how long for sure - probably an hour or so - but thanks to the heat and humidity we were all sweating our butts off by the time the A/C came back on.

Still, Mr. Bob did a masterful job of raising money for his favorite charity and remained sweet and lovable right up to the bitter end. He even gave me a hug and thanked me for supporting the event on my way out.

Sadly it was a small crowd to begin with, and the black out didn't help, so if anyone is willing and able to donate, please do:

Be sure to stop by Bob's webpage too and, just for fun, tell him Wendy (one of Pat's friends) sent you. ;-)