Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anything and everything (but the kitchen sink)

So. This is my first post to my Blogger page, "Unfocused Nonsequitors."

I’m likely to ramble on about almost anything… “Phantom of the Opera”; Patrick Wilson; my kids; my husband; “Star Wars”; “Star Trek”; “Harry Potter”; health issues like autism, ADHD, depression, Weber-Christian panniculitis, von Willebrands and diabetes; life in Las Vegas; family back east in NJ/DE; Ancient Egypt with special emphasis on the gods; singing; playing the flute; pets like cats, dogs, hermit crabs, razorback musk turtles and plecos; whatever story I’m working on writing at the moment; other stories I’d like to write in the near future; NASCAR; Twitter; Facebook; transcribing; Starry Constellation Magazine (an ezine I transcribe for; wonderful ladies!); Hadley Fraser; Ramin Karimloo; weird dreams (I have lots of ‘em); favorite movie genres; favorite book genres; favorite movies; favorite books; favorite authors… well, you get the general idea. 
Feel free to say hi, hola, bonjour, what have you… and ask anything you like (I don’t promise to answer, but you can ask ;-) ).
I’m looking forward to meeting y’all and getting some conversation going.